Arc'teryx gives more support for dealers

As a close neighbor, Canadian outdoor brand Arc'teryx will continue to open stores in the United States and will set up brand stores in Denver, New York, Boston and Chicago in the next few months. For more information, please visit Arc'teryx online.

The outdoor brand with the headquarters in Northern Vancouver has only 7 stores in the world.

As one of the world's top outdoor brands, Arc'teryx has been taken very cautious steps on opening new stores. It's first store was not opened till 2006 in Montreal. After 7 years, the second store was set up in Seattle in September of 2013, and following the third store in Vancouver. In 2014, Arc'teryx speeded up in opening new stores. In August of 2014, a store in Toronto was set up, and lately in October, it opened a new store in Minneapolis. In November, a new store was set up in Portland and the 7th store in Washington in December.

"If we find good locations in a suitable city, we are planning to open 2~4 stores in North America in the next few years", said Adamketcheson, the Marketing and Senior Business Director, when having an interview with the media. "We are not trying to expand massively, on the contrary, we will stick to the current quota allocation strategy. Our retail strategy is aming to support the brand's overall quota allocation strategy."